ACP Training—Staying at the Forefront

CHC's Transport Canada certified Approved Check Pilot (ACP) courses educate both fixed- and rotary-wing pilots on the latest developments in performance of flight evaluations. The English speaking courses focus on the process of conducting flight and pilot proficiency checks, including:

  • Pre-flight activities, including the flight-check briefing;
  • Flight-check and associated performance standards upon which flight-check sequences are assessed;
  • Post-flight activities, including debriefing and completion of flight-check documentation.

ACP Validity

The Initial Transport Canada ACP Delegation of Authority expires on the first day of the thirteenth (13th) month following the date of issue. All renewal authorities expire on the first day of the thirty-seventh (37th) month following the date of renewal.

ACP Course Prerequisites

Please review the pre-requisites (PDF) information carefully, as it will help you determine your eligibility for a Transport Canada Approved Check Pilot Delegation.

CHC ACP Courses

We offer the following ACP training programs:

ACP Initial with Practical

  • For a candidate who has never previously held a delegation of authority but is seeking an IFR delegation;
  • For an IFR ACP whose delegation has lapsed more than 3 years.

ACP Initial - Theory Only

  • For a candidate who has never previously held a delegation of authority but is seeking a VFR delegation.

ACP Recurrent

  • For IFR or VFR renewal (Recurrent has the same content as Initial - Theory only).

Classroom instruction is conducted at our training facility near Vancouver International Airport - South Terminal. Practical training is conducted at Abbotsford Airport.

The ACP Initial with Practical Course emphasizes instrument flight rules and procedures. It includes a practical application segment where course participants perform two flight-check grading sessions.

The ACP Initial - Theory Only / Recurrent Course provides an update of the approved check-pilot program, including policy and procedural changes, check-pilot issues arising from the ACP Workshop and other information pertinent to flight checking. Participants will grade a series of flight-check scenarios.

Note: This is not a DFTE course. Please contact Transport Canada for more information about DFTE requirements and training.

Course Calendar

Course Fees

Payment is due upon receipt of our invoice in order to finalize your registration.

CourseDurationScheduleCost (+GST)
Initial with Practical 6 days Mon-Sat C$3500
Initial - Theory Only 4 days Mon-Thu C$2300
Recurrent 4 days Mon-Thu C$2300

Course Registration

Pre-Course Assignment (Mandatory)

Anyone attending either the initial or recurrent ACP course MUST complete the pre-course assignment (PDF) before arriving. The document contains the assignment plus necessary IFR plates and materials. The IFR plates are in both Jeppesen and Canadian CAP versions. Either one may be used.

ACP Links

Transport Canada ACP Manual

Transport Canada ACP Bulletins

Transport Canada Aviation Document Booklet

Course Survey

We value and appreciate your feedback! If you have completed an ACP course with us, please take some time to fill out the survey.


Please email if you have any questions.