Safety: A Culture. A Commitment. A Way of Doing Business.

Our approach to safety is based on a simple, but ambitious and expansive commitment: no harm to people, property or the environment. This approach is supported by a safety infrastructure second to none that spans every employee, every continent and every aspect of the world’s largest helicopter services company.

Advanced training programs, best-of-breed maintenance practices, transformative technologies, and a corporate culture focused on safety have enabled us to establish an industry leading safety track record. According to the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST), our accident rate in offshore transport is eight times better than the overall industry rate. Our company’s overall accident rate is only a fraction of that logged by the global civil aviation industry.

A world-class Safety and Quality Management System (SMS) is integral to the company’s corporate business plan and built on a strong culture that gives every team member the authority to identify, report and correct unsafe practices and procedures. Employees use a worldwide system for incident reporting and analysis where spotting common risks helps prevent negative issues or mitigate their impact on our people and our business.

The SMS is strengthened further through our commitment to develop and share best practices adopted from both rotary- and fixed-wing aviation. To achieve this, we maintain strong working relationships with a variety of industry organizations such as the IHST.

Additionally, we support industry collaboration on existing and emerging safety systems, tools and initiatives. Our annual Safety & Quality Summit convenes hundreds of safety professionals to discuss and share safety innovations across the global helicopter services industry.